We are Dean and Pauline Williamson and we are Living la Vida Global

What does that mean? Simply that we are a couple of baby, baby boomers (we both just snuck in before the cut-off date) who are working on how to maximise our precious vacation time and see as much of the world as possible. And we want to help you to live the global life as well.

Learn more about us and what we want to do for you here.

Living the global life

The World is too amazing to stay in one place.

It seems that every time you go to some incredible new destination, you hear about two or three more that you had never thought of.

With an endless supply of places to go it can be frustrating to make a decision. And that’s where we want to help.

Join us as we help guide your travel decisions. And if you have kids then we can call on our own specialist, our daughter Dana. That is if I can get her to stop travelling and writing her own blog, the Wandering Donut.

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So let’s start planning. The world is waiting.

Planning a vacation can be stressful and time consuming. We learned a long time ago not to get too consumed with things at this stage.

It should be fun, it is part of a vacation after all. So look over the options below and hopefully we can help you put together the best vacation you have ever had. You can always drop us an email if you have questions or suggestions.


Travel Planning

city breaks

Short Breaks


Foodie Stuff


Local Knowledge