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European road trip – the food Part 2
with 4 Comments

How could I write about food in Europe without mentioning the delights on offer at the Christmas Markets? Sure it’s … Read More

European road trip – the food Part 1
with 18 Comments

One of the things I most look forward to when we travel is the chance to try new food. You … Read More

Our Australian Backyard – Dudley Beach
with 12 Comments

  Unlike Pauline, I have lived almost my entire life in the same part of Australia, in various suburbs of … Read More

European road trip – Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
with 12 Comments

I had never heard of this place until I spotted a photo on Instagram of some incredible little town that … Read More

Colonial Tramcar Restaurant – Melbourne
with 4 Comments

Riding around any city in a tram always feels a bit special, but few cities can do a tram ride … Read More

How to travel when the kids are gone
with 17 Comments

As a parent I have always wanted the best for my daughter, Dana, and letting her experience the world and … Read More

Panoramic Europe
with 28 Comments

It’s far too rare that the camera can do justice to the scene you remember witnessing with your own eyes. … Read More

European road trip – Regensburg, Germany
with 4 Comments

It may have been a last minute addition to the itinerary, thrown in to the mix purely because it broke … Read More

European road trip – Heidelberg, Germany
with 8 Comments

Heidelberg seems to have it all, a riverside location, lovely old buildings, schnitzel, and even a ruined castle looming over … Read More

European road trip – Reims, France
with 2 Comments

It was just a place between landing in Paris and driving to Heidelberg in Germany. A convenient place to stop … Read More

Voodoo, Mexicoland and the wurst Christmas – 2015 review
with 19 Comments

It certainly didn’t seem to hang around long enough to have been 12 months, not 52 weeks, and certainly not … Read More

The traveller’s dilemma
with 12 Comments

To the average 9 to 5 worker vacation time is a rare and precious commodity and much time and debate … Read More

October 2015 – Learning to crawl
with No Comments

As I enter the second month of existence I feel content with my progress but know there is a very … Read More

Wales in ruins – a castle collection
with 44 Comments

Wales is a perfect place for a road trip. There is never very far to drive between interesting places to … Read More

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas
with 14 Comments

Merry Christmas! It’s 40 degrees outside (that’s a lazy 100 in old school temperatures), the aircon is set to “arctic” … Read More

One night in Bangkok
with 4 Comments

It started out like any other tourist trip to Thailand. A few days in the laid back Northern town of … Read More

September 2015 – the beginning of La Vida Global
with 4 Comments

Around the middle of 2015 I made the decision that my future would involve as much travel as possible, and … Read More

Cozumel – beyond the cruise crowds
with 8 Comments

Just a short ferry ride from Playa del Carmen off the coast of Cancun is the little island of Cozumel. … Read More

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