Let’s live the Global life!

This is a place for the forgotten travellers. It seems most travel websites and blogs are for those interested in learning how to “survive” on $5 a day or needing to be chauffeur driven everywhere and only stay in places with marble floors and 1200 count bedsheets. We seek the best value for every travel dollar and every vacation day available but still don’t mind spending a few extra dollars for a once in a lifetime experience.

Interested? Then join over 30,000 others who want to live the Global life.

Don’t call us the average travellers

Just because we fit between the budget backpackers and the high society traveller doesn’t mean we are average and want identical travel itineraries. It just means we have a similar philosophy when it comes to bang for our buck. We want to show you how to plan the perfect getaway every time, how to choose the type of travel that best fits your needs and where to find the best bargains.

We will bring inspirations from travel experts, tell you how to spend a few days in some of the world’s most amazing towns and cities, and showcase some of the best travel gear and gadgets available. So click an image below and take your next step in living your Global life.

Ways to travel

Explore the different ways we average travellers see the world. You may even discover a type of travel that you have never considered.

Short Breaks

As average travellers we don’t always have time for a long stay in one place. Read how to make the most of a few days in some amazing places.

Travel photography (coming soon)

Whether for your own memories or to wow a wider audience it’s about better photos. Here are some tips to help plus we share our best photos.

Inspirational people

No matter what stage you are at in your travel life there are still people and stories that can inspire us to explore further.

Tools for travellers (coming soon)

Every traveller searches for ways to get great value. Here are some of the best websites, tools and toys you should have.

Travel tips and tricks

Want to know how the experts get to travel so far and often. Here are some tips from people who live the travel dream.

What is La Vida Global?

It’s harder than you think to come up with a name for any business but especially for a website or blog. The name “lavidaglobal” comes from the Ricky Martin song “Living la vida loca”, which is basically living the crazy life.

So why not living the Global life? We all want to see more of the world and live the Global life to some extent (I assume as much since you are here on a travel website). And so we shortened “living la vida Global” to lavidaglobal.

Why we started this community

We love to travel. For over 5 years I have worked in the travel and tourism industry in Australia and when I wasn’t at work I was reading travel blogs, admiring amazing travel photos, watching travel documentaries and researching our next vacation. Oh, and travelling as much as possible.

What I began to notice is that there were not a lot of websites that spoke to our travel style. I began to think that if we weren’t a backpacker looking to discover the minimum amount of money required to survive on the road, or a luxury traveller who felt that the only way to enjoy a vacation was to have a dozen servants at your beck and call, then we must be a tiny minority.

But then I realised that most of the clients I had when I was a Travel Agent did not fit these 2 groups. In fact, they were a lot like us!

And so we decided to create a place that the forgotten travellers could come for advice and inspiration. To discover that they have a lot of kindred travel spirits and that you can have an awesome time travelling without spending less than $5 a day or more than $500 a night.