Travel is not a spectator sport.

It seems like more and more touring companies are turning their backs on the over 40’s these days. And most of the ones that are not seem to be offering little more than a view of the world through the window of a luxury coach.

You may as well spend your money on a comfy sofa and big TV and watch travel documentaries. And that’s not for us.

Give us a new destination, a camera and some decent walking shoes and we are in our element.

We love to see new places, meet the people, eat the food and walk the back alleys. Sure we love to see the tourist sites but some of the most amazing places are found when you wander aimlessly or drive the country roads. That’s what we call Living la Vida Global!

Learn more about us and what we do here.

Living the global life

The World is too amazing to stay in one place.

It seems that every time you go to some incredible new destination, you hear about two or three more that you had never thought of.

We want to explore them all and since you are here, expect that you wouldn’t mind exploring them either.

Join us as we show you some of the most incredible places. Some will be instantly recognisable, others maybe not so much.

This is a place for those of us too old for Contiki tours but would be bored on a coach 8 hours a day. A place for those who love to walk around a new destination, those who love to experience small towns, hike to spectacular views and have some time to enjoy them and drive the backroads instead of the highways.

If you have some older kids who may still travel with you on occasion then we will share some thoughts of our own specialist, our daughter Dana. That is if I can get her to stop travelling and writing her own blog, the Wandering Donut.

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So let’s get this show on the road.

Now that we have been introduced let’s move in to the fun stuff.

Choose one of the categories below or find out a bit more about us first. The choice is yours.

We would love to hear any thoughts, questions or comments you have some please get in touch.


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