Travel Styles

While all of us wanting to live la vida global┬álove to travel, and we have a similar philosophy, it is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to the type of vacation that rocks our world.

Explore the options open to us all and get some great tips and stories from experienced travellers. Have a look below and maybe try a style you have not used in the past, you may be surprised.

Or read about some “once in a lifetime” places to stay or maybe a unique way to get around

Ways to see the World

Amazing accommodation, transport and places.

Some of the best travel memories and exciting experiences come from simple things. It may be the night you stayed in a place that was so different from your home. Maybe a glamorous tent in the desert or a medieval castle.

Or it may have been the time you travelled a trail on the back of a donkey, rode a rickshaw in Hong Kong or took a Segway through the forest. Something that doesn’t happen every day.

But it could also have been a place you visited that was so much more than you expected or somewhere you accidentally found that ended up being a highlight.

These are the type of things that make us want to keep travelling. So pick a section below and see what has made memories for others. Hopefully they inspire you to make your own memories.

Something for everyone

Now nobody expects you to have tried all of the travel styles listed below, realistically it is unlikely you would even be interested in trying every one of them. But if you have then you must have some fantastic travel stories to share.

The simple truth is that some of us like the water, some the land. Some of us love the structure and security of a group tour while others enjoy the flexibility of independent travel.