Meet your Hosts

We are Dean and Pauline, a travel obsessed midlife couple who try and spend every minute of vacation time somewhere new and interesting.

With over 20 countries visited with a combination of road trip, rail, guided touring and the occasional lazy day, we decided road trips are the best way to explore somewhere new and want inspire and assist you in taking to the road on your next great adventure.

Living La Vida Global is a place for those of us who love to explore at their own pace, in control of their own transport. A place for road trip itinerary suggestions, insights into the places to stay along the way and the things not to miss that may be a little off the beaten track.
From day trips to massive, multi week adventures we want to help you with the planning, booking and getting your next road trip underway in the best possible way.
We will help you to explore new places, be independent but value the input of locals, and still seek fun and a level of adventure. We are not here to show you how to survive on $5 a day but we don’t want to make you feel like you are wasting money on unnecessary expenses either.
So buckle up and hit the road with us as we help you find the best places to go and what to do when you get there.