Life is short and the world is wide

Short Breaks – What to do in a few days

short breaks

Having limited time for vacations can go one of two ways. Either a “flop and drop” holiday where you go to a single place, usually a beach or Resort.

Or our preferred option, to move a round with a few days somewhere before heading off to explore somewhere else.

These articles are to help you get a feel for what you can do, eat and see in some pretty amazing places when you only have a couple of days to fit in as much as possible.

Short Breaks – Cozumel, Mexico

Located just a short ferry ride from Cancun and Playa del Carmen is the Caribbean island of Cozumel. Without the "party time Spring Break" feel of nearby Cancun, it's the perfect escape. You just need to avoid cruise passengers.

Short Breaks – Portland,Oregon

We came for the food, which was everything and more than we expected, but ended up loving every minute in Portland. They may push the city as "weird" but it's so much more. Markets, mountains, waterfalls and incredible views everywhere.

Short Breaks – Carcassonne, France

There is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Southwest France which blends the old and the new in a picture perfect manner. Perched on the hill overlooking the new town stands the awe inspiring Medieval walled city of old Carcassonne.

Short Breaks – Oaxaca, Mexico

A history to rival any destination, diverse architecture, warm and welcoming locals, vibrant personality and a food culture that is so good it is World Heritage listed. And the best place to experience every aspect of Mexican life is Oaxaca.

Short Breaks – Venice, Italy

Venice is a city that could have been designed for short breaks. There are mixed reviews to be read and opinions are divided, but that is something you will have to decide yourself. Find out what we thought of Venice.

European road trip – Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

I had never heard of this place until I spotted a photo on Instagram of some incredible little town that appeared to have been built based on a Disney movie or fairytale. This mystical place was called Cesky Krumlov.  

European road trip – Regensburg, Germany

It may have been a last minute addition to the itinerary, thrown in to the mix purely because it broke up the drive from Heidelberg to the Czech Republic, but Regensburg was magnificent. To think it only appeared on the

European road trip – Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg seems to have it all, a riverside location, lovely old buildings, schnitzel, and even a ruined castle looming over the city and five little Christmas Markets. So it was an easy decision to choose this place to celebrate Pauline's

European road trip – Reims, France

It was just a place between landing in Paris and driving to Heidelberg in Germany. A convenient place to stop for the nights before starting the real road trip adventure. What we didn't know was that Reims would be such

One night in Bangkok

It started out like any other tourist trip to Thailand. A few days in the laid back Northern town of Chiang Mai, a week with the Russians and Germans in a Phuket resort, and was to finish with a couple