A World of Destinations

Staying home does not appeal to many people and is often not a choice but due to external reasons. Others are content to stay local and more get their kicks exploring their home state or country.

But the real joy of travelling comes from seeing those exotic places for yourself, meeting the locals and experiencing their food and culture.

There is so much more to the world than you can find in your own backyard, no matter how amazing that place may be. So come with us as we explore some of the most incredible places on offer.


Some you may be very aware of and others you may never heard of, some you may already have visited and others you have decided against for one reason or another.

Select a region and see if you can find your inspiration. Even if you can’t or won’t travel to these places you can still find out why others love or hate them.


Canggu beach is not only popular with surfers but hipsters and anyone else looking for a slower pace and great foodvideo

The best beaches in Bali

There beaches of Bali offer so much more than just cheap beer while lounging under an umbrella. Here is a hand picked selection of some of the great options as we show you where to find the best beaches of Bali.
It is a place best known as one of the locations used in Eat, Pray, Love but Ubud in Bali is much more than a place to just "find yourself". Humble and friendly locals, great food and amazing scenery. The question is how do you fit it all in with 3 days in Ubud?video

What to do with 3 days in Ubud

Some come to Bali for a lazy beach break while others search for the perfect wave or to connect with the underwater world, while others seek out culture and spiritual awakening. It is this...

Is Bali worth visiting?

Bali is a place that polarises opinion, especially among Australians. Even in our own home there is debate when we discuss is Bali worth visiting. Pauline had recently made her third trip to the most...