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Sometimes we have something to say that doesn’t fit in the other categories.

It may be an opinion on some aspect of travel, maybe a question where we hope to get some of your opinions, or it could just be a general rant or mental stroll.

Whatever it is I hope you join the conversation. Let me know if you agree or not, whether you have a better idea or whether you think I’m a genius or an idiot (opinions vary even in my own family).

Honeymoon Havoc – 25 years later.

Twenty five years before Pauline and I shared an incredible anniversary trip to South America we started married life with the proverbial honeymoon from hell. It was almost enough to make us wonder if international travel was really for us!

Sometimes things go wrong on vacation!

Too often we waste our precious vacation time fuming over the tiniest thing that veer us from our meticulously planned trip. Giving it far too much importance due to the heightened emotions we experience whenever we get time to travel.

Who needs Travel Agents?

With the internet having invaded every corner of our lives all travelers must now wonder who needs Travel Agents?     Let me get it out there early that I was a Travel Agent in Australia for the past four

Traveling kids grow up too fast

Traveling kids have a big advantage over their "stay at home" peers, in my opinion. The world is an amazing place but especially so for young children as everything they see is fresh and exciting, filled with wonder.   Traveling

How to travel when the kids are gone

As a parent I have always wanted the best for my daughter, Dana, and letting her experience the world and become a global citizen is a big part of that. But every now and then there was a little wish

The traveller’s dilemma

To the average 9 to 5 worker vacation time is a rare and precious commodity and much time and debate can go in to the decision of where and how to spend it. Whether it be sitting around the house

October 2015 – Learning to crawl

As I enter the second month of existence I feel content with my progress but know there is a very long way to go. But I love a challenge and it is sure to be an adventure.     October

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas

Merry Christmas! It's 40 degrees outside (that's a lazy 100 in old school temperatures), the aircon is set to "arctic" but is struggling as much as you are, but Christmas dinner must go on. So it must be time to

September 2015 – the beginning of La Vida Global

Around the middle of 2015 I made the decision that my future would involve as much travel as possible, and writing about my experiences with a goal of eventually being about to support my "habit" without a 9 to 5

Questioning myself – am I a bad everything?

Obviously a TOURIST with that much luggage!   Sometimes my brain tells me I am a bad (insert noun for whatever I am thinking about at the time). I know it's a chemical imbalance and makes no logical

An unexpected honour – the Liebster Award

Two weeks after the launch of my La Vida Global blog I was working hard to grow my following to something that looked like it was noticed by more than just my family and close friends. I had about 30

Red rockin’ in Sedona, AZ

If you were a fan of the old Hollywood Westerns then you have probably seen quite a bit of the area around Sedona but you should see it in person. If you have never seen a Western then I suggest

Is too much travel planning ever enough?

When it comes to travel planning there are those among us that create spreadsheets. Not just the basic "which city on which day" type of thing, but broken up in to fifteen minute blocks to ensure ultimate time efficiency during the trip.

12 years of family travel… the lessons learned

They say all good things must come to an end, and sadly for us, we are fast approaching the last family holiday the three of us share for some time. So here are some lessons we learned along the way.